Discover Your Regimen

Discover Your Regimen

Discover Your Regimen

By Charlotte Traas, New Chapter ® Director of Education & Board Certified Master Herbalist

If food has perfect pairings, like berries plus yogurt or eggs plus hot sauce (personal tastes obviously noted here), what about the world of supplements? You can bet that a regimen of choice supplements can team up to help you support various areas of wellness. In this guide, I’ve put together FIVE easy regimens that can be your perfect teams for holistic health. But first: here’s a quick self-assessment exercise. Read the list below. Which description POPS OUT right away as describing you? You can click “That’s me!” to go straight to that regimen!

I want reliable, everyday wellness. THAT'S ME!

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My Foundational Health Regimen

When choosing your regimen, efficiency is key. You want multi-tasking supplements that support multiple areas of health. The four products below make up a favorite foundational health regimen that I like to call The Core Four. Why? This regimen is reliable, well-rounded, and supports areas of wellness that people tend to want most.


Foundation Regimen: The Core Four

Start with a Multivitamin

I recommend starting any routine with the mighty multivitamin. Why? Research points to fruits and vegetables becoming less nutrient dense in recent years. Giving your body a sure source of recommended nutrients helps to fill nutritional gaps you may not know about.

Choosing a multivitamin can feel overwhelming with the large selection that’s out there! New Chapter’s One Daily multis formulated for your life stage can make it easy to find the right formula for you. We have once-daily multis for those under 40, over 40, over 55, and for pregnancy. One dailies are great; I am a big fan of “one and done.” It’s easy to remember and easy to incorporate into your morning! Pro tip: While you can take New Chapter’s fermented multivitamins on an empty stomach, I like to pair mine up with my next choice for your regimen: Wholemega™ fish oil. When you take fat-soluble nutrients like Vitamin D3 with your fish oil, your body may be able to utilize them more efficiently.

Add Fish Oil for Heart & Brain

Did you know that your brain is predominantly made of fat? If you want to support brain health AND cardiovascular health, Wholemega Fish Oil is a two-for-one must. Wholemega is a clinically studied formula made from wild Alaskan salmon oil, so it’s sustainable and effective. (Remember how I said our regimen was all about efficiency?) This dynamic fish oil actually contains 17 different types of Omega-fatty acids since it’s not high-heat processed or fractionated. It’s about as close as you can get to eating delicious Salmon, without the dirty dishes. In fact, taking Wholemega every day for a week gives you the same Omega fatty acids as 3 weekly servings of Wild Salmon! (Wholemega dose is 2 grams of fish oil per day.)

Lean on Bone Strengthening Plant Calcium

For women AND men, I would next look at adding Bone Strength Take Care™ to your healthy regimen. This amazing organic plant calcium supplement is carefully formulated with critical Vitamins D3 and K2 that help calcium get into your bones, where you need it. We know that osteoporosis and osteopenia rates are on the rise, and that’s not surprising considering that bone density can start declining in our thirties. For women, menopause and even alcohol consumption (darn you, delicious merlot!) can also play a role in declining bone health. Having a reliable calcium supplement in your regimen means one less thing to worry about. Pro tip: taking calcium at night with your meal is a great way to help your body utilize the calcium effectively.

Balance It Out with Ashwagandha

Ashwagandha is a powerful adaptogenic herb that has been sweeping the nation because of its ability to support body and mind during times of stress.* It also helps to balance mood and has been shown to significantly reduce fatigue and irritability.* A clinical study showed a potent leaf-and-root extract of Ashwagandha helped balance many parameters of stress, providing both mental and physical benefits.* Stress can be difficult on the body and lead to health complications. This helpful herb’s impressive ability to support well-being makes it my go-to for helping with the stress we’re all feeling right now!


Targeted Regimen for Stress Relief

Stress Relief Regimen

If you’re stressed and you know it, you may want to build yourself a supplement regimen that specifically targets this common issue. Modern-day stress often feels like it’s eating us alive. It shows up in our morning commute and keeps our mind whirring when we go to bed at night. Let’s set you up right with a regimen of supplements geared to support your body in times of occasional stress.

  • Perfect Calm™ Multivitamin: The multi for stress is definitely New Chapter’s Perfect Calm! While it is a three-a-day dose, you may really need that extra nutrition if you’re stressed. That’s because stress can deplete your B Vitamins and also do a number on your adrenal gland function. Perfect Calm is rich in all 8 B Vitamins and provides fermented Vitamin C for adrenal support.* It also includes a blend of herbals with chill-supportive Black Seed (Nigella) that will have you breathing a sigh of relief.
  • Wholemega Fish Oil: Good omega fats have research that say they may support a healthy mood. Wholemega contains good Omega fats, so it is a great choice for this regimen. Also, you can stress less about your heart (which is getting a workout with your stress), because Wholemega was shown to support heart-health markers.*
  • Magnesium + Ashwagandha Tablets: Magnesium is a replenishing mineral that helps your body with muscle health and relaxation, as well as proper calcium utilization. I love to recommend New Chapter’s Magnesium + Ashwagandha formula because it pairs the chillest mineral with one of the most versatile stress herbs out there. A key to this combination is the inclusion of Magnesium bisglycinate. It has 2.5x better absorption than the leading form (as shown in preclinical lab testing on buffered Mg bisglycinate).
  • Holy Basil Force™: Holy Basil, also known as Tulsi, is a versatile herb from the Ayurvedic tradition. Researched for immune health, cognitive function, and stress relief, this herb is one of my favorite adaptogens to help your body deal more quickly and easily with the effects of stress.*


Targeted Regimen for Sleep

Sweet Sleep Regimen

Most people don’t tend to think about sleep until it’s time to go to bed. But setting your body up for restful, restorative sleep can start with your morning multivitamin! Kick off your day with a fermented multi, then you can mix and match additional formulas closer to bedtime and find what works best for you.

  • One Daily Multivitamins: Caffeine intake is a popular eye opener, but the half-life of caffeine means it can stay in your system longer than you expect… and keep you awake into the night. Try a different tack with a multivitamin that delivers fermented B Vitamins to support your body’s creation of energy at the cellular level.*
  • Magnesium + Ashwagandha tablets: Magnesium is an important mineral to help with relaxation and rest, so I’d also include our Magnesium + Ashwagandha to help support your overall sleep.
  • Restful Sleep and Pain Relief: When it gets toward bedtime, our Melatonin and Ginger blend is a great option to help your body wind down. It’s designed with an optimized dose of non-groggy melatonin, a sleep hormone that your body naturally produces but you may not be making enough of thanks to late-night screen time. (No judgement, but blue light totally disrupts your body’s ability to make melatonin!) The potent Ginger in this formula helps your body to recover from the aches and pains of the day.* Keep in mind that exercise is important to help your body get ready for rest, but working out can cause soreness. I love that Restful Sleep and Pain Relief helps you deal with exercise-related aches and pains so you can sleep well.*
  • Zyflamend™ Nighttime: This melatonin-free formula is crafted with relaxing herbs like Valerian, Chamomile, and Hops to help you enjoy a deep and restful sleep.* Zyflamend Nighttime also delivers antioxidant Ginger and Turmeric that help reduce cellular damage caused by free radicals.*


Targeted Regimen For Digestive Balance

Happy Digestion Regimen

Looking for a regimen to support a happy, healthy digestive system? This one’s for you! According to one survey, 74% of us struggle with digestive concerns. Supporting this all-important system that branches out into many areas of health can be super-effective for helping to bring the whole body into balance.

  • Fermented Multivitamins: New Chapter’s fermented multivitamins are easily digestible, formulated for absorption, and support healthy gut function.* Our multivitamins are so gentle you can even take them on an empty stomach! They can be a perfect multivitamin choice for those seeking a well-rounded source of nutrients that respects your delicate digestive balance.
  • Ginger Force™: Ginger is a super herb that is widely used for healthy digestive support and gastrointestinal (GI) tract health.* This spicy little powerhouse doesn’t stop there! Ginger is also great for supporting cardiovascular function and blood platelet health (as shown in preclinical lab studies) AND it supports healthy inflammation response (after exercise).*
  • All-Flora™ Probiotic: Your digestive health sets the stage for your overall health, so taking a great probiotic supplement with DNA-verified strains in clinically studied amounts is going to set you up with the digestive support you need.* Our flagship probiotic formula is enhanced with prebiotics and postbiotics as well, to help fuel those beneficial live microorganisms (the probiotics) that work to aid digestive health.*


Targeted Regimen for Energy  

Energy Boost Regimen

Okay, you like to go, go, go. That’s your thing. You’re moving at a 90-mile-per-hour pace and you’re juggling the universe. We see you! You need a supplement regimen that’s going to power you through your day.

  • Perfect Energy Multivitamin: There is a happy little Adaptogenic Energy Blend of herbs tucked in with the powerhouse of B vitamins you’ll find in New Chapter’s Perfect Energy multi. You want to give your body energy that lasts all day? Keep your bloodstream nutrition constant by taking two tablets in the AM and one right before that 2 o’clock post-lunch lull for cellular energy support throughout your day.
  • Omega-3 Complex: Omega-3s may be the key to helping support cognitive energy by giving your brain the fats it needs to function properly.* Charge up your brain power and support your cardiovascular health at the same time with Omega-3 Complex. It’s an easy one-daily dose that fits into your busy lifestyle.
  • Lion’s Mane Mushroom Blend: Have you heard about Lion’s Mane mushroom and its nootropic benefits? This cognitive jewel is part of our Mind Force™ mushroom blend and a personal favorite for helping to keep my brain ready to remember everyone’s schedule and my work deadlines. Lion’s Mane has fascinating research that shows it helps support how your brain communicates with itself, keeping you sharp for study, work, and play.*
  • Fermented Vitamin B12: B12 helps your body create energy by helping you to metabolize your food properly to gain energy from it. Unlike caffeine, which may lead to a crash, B12 helps your body to create the energy it needs, not borrow it. New Chapter’s Fermented B12 helps boost energy at the cellular level, and is easily absorbed because it includes the bioactive, methylated form of this vitamin.

Stock Your Supplement Pantry!

The great thing about your body is that it’s going to adapt. To support your versatile, ever-changing wellness journey, you’ll want different things at different times. Finding the supplements that support your needs means stocking your pantry well and knowing how each product helps. This might mean doing a little testing. While starting a supplement routine can be exciting, taking on too much all at once means you may not know which supplement is doing which job. Any time you incorporate a new supplement into your routine, take a few days or weeks to notice how it’s working. Always talk to your healthcare provider if you have questions about the best supplements for you or about medication interaction.

You are unique and your supplement regimen will be, too! At New Chapter, we don’t take being an integral part of your routine lightly. We’re in it to help you win it by ensuring quality in every supplement we make. You could say our regimen is careful formulation, excellent quality, identity assurance, and sourcing sustainably. We’re proud to do it all day, every day. We call that wellness, well done!

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