Meet Herbs that Work as Hard as You Do

Meet Herbs that Work as Hard as You Do

New Chapter is excited to introduce NEW One Daily Multiherbals, designed to bring you the studied benefits of Nature’s powerful herbs in 4 targeted blends. These convenient multiherbals are the perfect complement to your multivitamin!

Benefits of Daily Herbs

Herbs contain unique compounds found nowhere else on earth. Generations of healers have passed down knowledge of herbs that replenish energy, soothe the body, nourish sleep, and more. Many traditional eating patterns rely on herbs for flavor and wellness.

But the truth is, Americans don’t tend to consume beneficial herbs every day. When we seek to improve nutrition, we look first to healthy eating and maybe taking a multivitamin. These are great habits, but adding certain healing herbs can be just as important for a healthy lifestyle.

First-of-Their-Kind Herbal Supplements

One Daily Multiherbals are formulated to help you go the next step and add serious herbal support to your day. New Chapter’s expert herbalists take the confusion out of getting the herbs you need. Each formula includes clinically studied botanicals for specific benefits, and it’s all packed into one convenient daily dose.

One Daily Multiherbal products

Find the best multiherbal for you

Build your perfect regimen by pairing your favorite One Daily Multivitamin with the One Daily Multiherbal that fits your needs. Think of it like giving your multivitamin an herbal soulmate!

Here’s a quick guide to finding the herbal benefits for you:

Holistic is the foundational one daily multiherbal that unites 3 treasured superfoods from 3 ancient traditions (including turmeric, source of curcumin) to support brain, mood, heart, and whole-body health.*

Energy Boost is your herbal system for dialing up energy and stamina, with herbs to enhance endurance even during times of exhaustion.*

Sleep Well is your herbal lullaby that promotes longer, more restful sleep so you can wake up feeling refreshed.*

Stress Relief helps you chill out and feel calm and balanced, helping to ease both physical and mental stress.*

Which multiherbal will you try? What other benefits would you like to see in a one daily multiherbal? Let us know!

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