Turmeric benefits

Healthy Inflammation Support Healthy Inflammation Support
Fantastic herbal ally for supporting the body’s healthy inflammation response.
Heart Health Heart Health
Helps maintain healthy cholesterol levels, a key aspect of cardiovascular health
Brain Health Brain Health
Supports cognitive health, including working memory (ability to retain information short-term).

Using nature’s whole goodness

We think the best Turmeric supplement delivers the wisdom of the whole plant. Our Turmeric is a whole food that contains hundreds of compounds in the balance Nature intended—something your body easily recognizes and absorbs. Because it’s sourced from the whole herb, it goes beyond other Turmeric supplements that only give you isolated Curcumin extract. We use a gentle process called “supercritical extraction” that uses natural carbon dioxide to gently extract phytonutrients, including beneficial oils.

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Using nature’s whole goodness.

We know our farmers

We partner with organic farmers in India to source some of the best Turmeric in the world. Knowing our suppliers and the origins of their crops helps us uphold a supply chain that is both socially responsible and environmentally conscious.

From Nature to Bottle

The short film “From Nature to Bottle” brings our story to life, showing how New Chapter takes care with every detail to bring you excellent quality, every time. We work hard to make supplements packed with the good stuff, real and true and tested. We think it’s the best way to deliver the wellness benefits you expect. That’s what we do, so you can do you!


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Zyflamend™: Herbal Pain Relief† & Inflammation Support†
Turmeric Force™
Fermented Zinc Complex
Fermented Zinc Complex Sale priceFrom $17.00
Immune Defense Vitamin C + Elderberry
Fermented Coenzyme B Complex
Fermented Coenzyme B Complex Sale priceFrom $30.00
Fermented Iron Complex
Fermented Iron Complex Sale priceFrom $27.00
Fermented Activated C Complex
Zyflamend™ Nighttime
Zyflamend™ Nighttime Sale price$34.00
Metabolic Health: Turmeric & Black Seed Blend
Zyflamend™ Prostate
Turmeric Force™ Detox Action

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