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Discover your inner peace with help from Mother Nature.

Balancing a natural stress response.

The root of stress is ancient. Our natural stress response is tied to the ancient survival mechanism of "fight or flight," offering a burst of energy enabling you to react quickly. In today's world, this survival mechanism can still be useful, so we've formulated supplements to help balance the body's response.*

Nature's wisdom, expertly formulated.

Keeping calm and supporting your overall mental health is such an important part of wellness. Our stress support supplements deliver calm and mood support with whole-food nutrients.* We use the power of Nature, and it pays off! Our vitamins and herbal supplements can address occasional stress, helping give you peace of mind.* And you can count on us for targeted ingredients that keep you healthy and motivated.*

Q&A: Stress Support

What vitamins should I take for stress?

If you're looking for supplements for stress management or vitamins for stress and anxiety, there are definitely a few essential vitamins for stress support. Taking Vitamin C on a regular basis supports your body's normal adrenal response and also supports your immune system. B-complex vitamins like Vitamin B6 or Vitamin B12 can help support your energy, offsetting the effects of occasional stress. Supplements with Lemon Balm can also help relieve stress by calming you down.

What herbs can help with stress?

There’s a special group of therapeutic herbs and mushrooms that have a remarkable ability to help you navigate life’s ups and downs. They’re called adaptogens, and they’ve been studied for the last 70+ years for their balancing effect on body and mind. Of course, many of them have also been used traditionally for thousands of years. Help your body copy with stress by harnessing the power of Rhodiola rosea to promote overall mental health and stamina, or turn to organic Reishi, one of the world’s most revered tonic mushrooms. Ashwagandha, Holy Basil, and Eleuthero are also potent adaptogens that help optimize your systems to deal more easily with the effects of occasional stress.

What are some signs of stress?

Occasional stress can cause both emotional and physical symptoms. If you notice yourself becoming easily frustrated or moody, or if you feel overwhelmed in your everyday life, then you may want to seek targeted stress support from vitamins and herbs, like those in New Chapter supplements. While our products can help address occasional stress,* consult a healthcare professional if you have concerns about stress in your life.

How can I manage stress?

Feeling stressed? There are lots of options to help you chill out! Some ideas: a healthy regimen of stress support supplements, regular exercise, and taking time for yourself. These options can all help balance the emotional health and mood changes due to occasional stress.*

Keep in mind, stress can affect immune and digestive health. New Chapter offers multivitamins and probiotics to support these areas of health, as well as to support a healthy stress response.


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