Our Ingredients

Our supplements are created from plants, herbs, fruits, vegetables, oils, and mushrooms. We strive to use organic and sustainable ingredients. We also believe in a holistic approach, meaning we focus on the best way to capture the beneficial nourishing qualities of a food.

Ingredients from Where They Grow Best

Our ingredient sourcing is top priority. From organic Turmeric from the fields of India, to Wild-Caught Salmon from the protected waters of Alaska, and Red Marine Algae from Iceland’s pristine coastline, we go to the ends of Earth to find the perfect ingredients for our vitamins and supplements. Explore our carefully selected ingredients and see how they can improve your health.

All Ingredients

Acerola Cherry

Acerola Cherry is a potent superfruit naturally packed with Vitamin C, an immune-essential nutrient*

  • Fun Fact: Also known as Barbados Cherry, Acerola is a small evergreen shrub that is popular for bonsai design


A gentle detoxifier and an aid to digestion.*

  • Fun Fact: Hieroglyphics depicting aloe have been found in ancient Egyptian temples and the plant has been used as a natural remedy for more than 3,000 years.


  • Fun Fact: Artichokes are technically flowers. The hearts (the portion we eat) are the buds of the flower before it blooms. Once it blooms, the texture and structure changes, making it too coarse for consumption.


Shown to help the body respond to stress.*

  • Fun fact: Ashwagandha translates as “smell of the horse” in Sanskrit, which refers both to its earthy smell and the belief that it increases strength.


A rare plant-nutrient with powerful antioxidant action.*


Potent root known for its immune-supportive benefits.*

  • Fun Fact: Used as a traditional Chinese medicine for more than 2,000 years.


  • Fun Fact: The bush, bark and root of the Barberry plant are used for medicinal purposes.


Known to support nitric oxide production, which is linked to muscle performance and recovery.*

  • Fun fact: Beets (beetroots) are blood-red vegetables typically about the size of a human heart, and they deliver heart benefits.

Black Currant

Helps to maintain normal cell growth.*

  • Fun fact: “The Modern Herbal,” published in 1931 by Mrs. Grieves (an English herb enthusiast), gives recipes for making a delicious Black Currant wine as well as a medicinal jelly that she recommended eating by the spoonful or dissolving into hot water.

Black Seed (Nigella)

Supports a healthy mood and overall cognition.

  • Fun Fact: Black Seed, known to many as black cumin, is native to the Mediterranean, and is used world-wide for medicinal and culinary purposes.


  • Fun Fact: Many years ago, it was said that blackberries picked during a full moon had protective powers. It was also believed that individuals who crawled under blackberry bushes would be charmed.

Blue Agave Fiber

Inulin fiber from organic Blue Agave is naturally sweet with a low glycemic index.

  • Fun fact: The Latin name for Blue Agave is Agave tequilana Weber var. azul, which hints at how the plant’s sugars can be used for fermenting and distilling into tequila.

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These superfood berries are packed with antioxidants.

  • Fun Fact: Blueberries are among few fruits native to North America, and were believed to be sent by a great spirit to combat famine.


  • Fun Fact: Broccoli is an Italian word meaning “little arms.”


  • Fun fact: Cabbage is consumed in cultures around the world—pickled for an appetizer in Japan, as kimchi in Korea, as a sweet and sour stew in Germany, with potatoes for Irish colcannon, and as coleslaw in the United States.


Known for its synthesis of restoring and stimulating actions.

  • Fun Fact: Cardamom is one of the world’s oldest and most expensive spices.


  • Fun Fact: Many know cauliflower as a white-hued vegetable, but it comes in a variety of colors, including orange and purple.


One of our complementary herbs for stress and energy support.

  • Fun Fact: Chamomile is called “alles zutraut” in German, which means “capable of anything,” and has been used as an herbal remedy in Europe for thousands of years.

Chaste Tree

A traditional women's tonic that supports hormone health.

  • Fun Fact: Chaste tree is a perennial plant with a lifespan of 15 to 40 years.

Chinese Goldthread

  • Fun Fact: Called “Huang Lian” in the Chinese Herbal Tradition, Chinese goldthread root is believed to have a bitter, cold nature that purges conditions of heat and fire.

Chinese Skullcap

Time-honored tonic that promotes health and well-being.

  • Fun Fact: Chinese skullcap has been one of the most important plants in traditional Chinese medicine for more than 2,000 years.


Helps the body retain healthy blood sugar levels.*

  • Fun Fact: Cinnamon is made from ground tree bark, and centuries ago, it was believed to be more valuable than gold, causing wars to be waged over the spice.


  • Fun Fact: The name “cloves” comes from the French word “clou,” which means “nail.”


Beloved for its refreshing, hydrating properties.*

  • Fun fact: This versatile fruit of the coconut palm tree is technically a drupe, not a nut.


This mushroom has been linked to increased ATP production.

  • Fun fact: In traditional herbal systems, Cordyceps is considered to be restorative and tonic in nature and a builder of Qi.
  • Our Cordyceps militaris is cultivated in organic brown rice (vegan).


  • Fun Fact: Coriander was used by ancient Greeks as an ingredient in perfume.

Daikon Radish

  • Fun Fact: It’s believed that workers fueled themselves by eating vast amounts of daikon radish while building the Great Pyramid.


    Fun Fact: Dandelion got its name from the French words “dent de lion,” which translates to “lion’s tooth.”


Immune support from the power of fruit.*

  • Fun Fact: Centuries ago, elderberry extract was believed to keep evil spirits at bay.


Also known as Siberian Ginseng, this powerhouse adaptogen is renowned for its strengthening properties.

  • Fun Fact: Eleuthero is a thorny shrub that grows near spruce and cedar trees.


  • Fun Fact: Fenugreek seeds were found in the tomb of Tutankhamen.

Fermented Microalgae

Pure fermented microalgae (Schizochytrium sp.) deliver 100% vegan Omega-3 fatty acids DHA (Docosahexaenoic acid) and EPA (Eicosapentaenoic acid).

  • Fun fact: This type of microalgae is actually the original source of the same healthy Omega-3s that we treasure in fish. Fish consume the good fats in algae as part of the marine food chain.

Flame Raisins

  • Fun Fact: Raisins come in many varieties, including Oval Kishmish, Spanish Malagas, Smyrna Sultana, California White Muscat, and Corinthian.


We give you a whole-food approach with dual extracts.

  • Fun Fact: It’s believed that Bram Stoker introduced the concept of garlic as a repellant for vampires in fiction writing due to its use as a mosquito repellant (since mosquitoes suck your blood when they bite you).


'King of herbs' supports occasional pain relief after exercise.*

  • Fun Fact: Ginger is known as “jiang,” meaning “defend,” in traditional Chinese medicine and “vishwabhesaj,” meaning “universal medicine,” in Ayurveda.

Grape Seed Extract

Clinically shown to support lean muscle mass.*

  • Fun Fact: Originally native to Asia, grapes were found to be consumed by Egyptians 6,000 years ago and had therapeutic uses in ancient Greece.

Green Tea

Promotes healthy aging, vitality, and cardiovascular health.*

  • Fun Fact: Zen monks chewed tea leaves to maintain alertness and expand awareness during meditation. This act dates back to 3000 BCE.


  • Fun Fact: Hawthorn can grow in the form of a thorny shrub or small tree.


A fat-burning botanical known to enhance metabolism.*

  • Fun Fact: Hibiscus was the drink preferred by the Pharaohs of Ancient Egypt to invigorate them in the desert heat and it plays a role in ancient Hindu spiritual tradition.

Holy Basil

Well-known in Ayurveda, "Tulsi" helps with focus.*

  • Fun Fact: Holy basil is thought to open the heart and mind and bestow love, compassion, faith, and devotion.


Created by bees from flower nectar, this natural sweetener is throat-soothing.*

  • Fun fact: Archaeologists have found that honey is one of the world's most resilient foods, lasting in perfect condition for thousands of years.
  • Our non-GMO, premium grade honey is sustainably sourced and bee-friendly.


Beloved for gently supporting deep, restful sleep.*

  • Fun Fact: Hops are known as the “spice of beer.”

Hu Zhang

  • Fun Fact: Called “Tiger’s crane” in traditional herbal systems, Hu Zhang is considered to have a cooling energy used to activate blood circulation and drain excess heat.

Jerusalem Artichoke

Provides prebiotic nourishment to fuel live probiotics.


  • Fun Fact: Kale was derived from the Scottish word “kail,” which means “dinner.” Families would ring a kail bell to signify that it was time for dinner.


  • Fun Fact: Kelp is a species of algae that can grow up to 18 inches a day.


Used for thousands of years as a systemic relaxant.

  • Fun Fact: Londoners wore bracelets made of lavender during the 16th century because they believed it would ward off diseases, such as the Plague.

Lemon Balm

Promotes a healthy mood, calm, and well-being.*

  • Fun Fact: Honey bees are attracted to lemon balm and swarm the plant, which inspired its generic name, “Melissa,” which is the Greek word for honey bee.

Lion's Mane

Promotes normal brain function and mental clarity.*


A key ingredient in our fermented stress & energy support blends.

  • Fun Fact: Hardy maca can grow well in the rocky soil and thin air of the Andes where, sweet like butterscotch, it is enjoyed by many as a staple food.


Helps support prostate function with key phytonutrients.*

  • Fun Fact: Nettle has needle-like hairs covering its stems, which contain a mix of chemicals causing a burning sensation when you touch it.


Supports immune health and normal respiratory function.*

  • Fun Fact: In Greek, oregano means “joy of the mountains,” and the herb was considered a symbol of joy and happiness.


Researched for its ability to relax the nervous system.*

  • Fun fact: Also known as the Maypop, this showy flower is a favorite of pollinators like bees and hummingbirds.


A favorite for digestive support.

  • Fun Fact: Greek lore states that a nymph named Minthe was reincarnated as the fragrant mint plant so she would always be remembered.


  • Fun Fact: Prunes are dried plums, and California is the largest producer of prunes in the world.

Pumpkin Seed

A key ingredient in our proprietary blend of herbs for prostate support.

  • Fun Fact: Pumpkin seed oil has been used by Native Americans for thousands of years, treasured for its medicinal and dietary properties.


For women’s wellness, including during pregnancy.

  • Fun Fact: One raspberry is comprised of about 100 small, individual fruits called drupelets, which contain one seed.

Red Clover

A traditional tonic that supports women's health at every stage.

  • Fun Fact: Dried red clover buds were placed in pillows in traditional Chinese herbal systems because they were believed to facilitate relaxed and peaceful sleep.

Red Marine Algae

For supporting bone strength and healthy mobility.*

  • Fun Fact: There are more than 4,000 species of red marine algae.


Legendary mushroom used to support vitality.*

  • Fun Fact: Reishi ranks in the “superior” category of herbs in Shen Nong Ben Cao Jing, and is used to maintain or restore body balance.


An herbal stress adaptogen called the "elixir of life."


  • Fun Fact: During World War II, people were encouraged to grow roses in their “Victory gardens” because of the potent nutritional value of rose hips.


Promotes healthy aging with antioxidant action.*

  • Fun Fact: Rosemary is believed to symbolize love, loyalty, friendship and remembrance.

Saw Palmetto Extract

Supports prostate health.*

  • Fun Fact: Saw palmetto extract is one of the most commonly used dietary supplements for Americans in the age range of 50 to 76.


One of our most life-supportive herbs from Chinese herbal traditions.

  • Fun Fact: Schizandra is known as the “five flavor herb” in traditional Chinese medicine.

Sea Buckthorn

Plant-sourced Omega-7 fatty acid.

Tart Cherry

Delivers natural melatonin for soothing benefits.*

  • Fun fact: The sour cousin of the sweet cherry, Tart Cherries are a source of fruit antioxidants like catechins, procyanidins, and anthocyanins.


Nature's powerful ally for healthy inflammation response.*

  • Fun Fact: Turmeric is known as the “king of herbs” in Ayurvedic medicine.


  • Fun Fact: Valerian’s taste can range from sweet, to bitter and pungent.

Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil

Improves Omega-3 Index for heart health.*

  • Fun Fact: Wild Alaskan Salmon's yearly upstream spawning journeys make them symbols of strength, perseverance, and transformation.

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