Regenerative Agriculture

Changing the way we grow together

New Chapter is committed to crafting whole-food and herbal supplements that help benefit human health, and to supporting climate-friendly organic farming practices that help heal the world. We believe Regenerative Agriculture is the world’s best available farming strategy for responding to the looming food, water, and climate crisis.


What is Regenerative Agriculture?

Regenerative practices are remarkable as they have the power to heal the soil, repair global food security, and even reverse climate change. Regenerative takes the earth-friendly methods of organic farming a step further. Regenerative Agriculture is about reconnecting systems by managing land with holistic, forward-thinking methods.

Increasing Soil Organic Matter

Thriving soil life supports plant growth without the need for chemical inputs.

Building Topsoil

No-till and low-till methods allow healthy roots and biomass to accumulate and hold water like a sponge.

Enhancing Biodiversity

Soil health can be boosted by planting more than one crop above ground and by restoring healthy microbes and other organisms below ground.

Trapping Carbon

Regenerative techniques aim to KEEP the carbon in the land, which has the power to lower CO2 in the atmosphere and reverse climate change.

New Chapter's Regenerative Promise

The time for Regenerative Agriculture is now! The earth is on the brink of irreversible damage to its soil and its atmosphere. In our lifetimes, right now, we’re seeing the negative effects of climate change and soil depletion. Experts estimate we have about 60 years of topsoil left at the current rates.

Regenerative Agriculture systems allow us to rebuild what’s most important—how we nourish people and planet.

“Today you have to eat as much as 26 apples to get the same amount of nutrition that you got 50 years ago.”

- Jeff Moyer, Rodale Institute CEO, digs into how soil health equals human health

Looking Forward

Regenerative Goals for 2025

To change the world for the better, we need to set clear goals and then work toward them methodically. By 2025, New Chapter is working toward:

Taking Action

We're shifting our key herbal ingredients to regenerative farming, working closely with our partners to support these practices, and striving to establish regenerative farming standards for healthier, carbon-absorbing soils.


We’ll raise awareness with New Chapter consumers and retailers about the importance of the Regenerative Agriculture movement and providing educational resources.


We’ll continue to financially support independent research that makes scaling Regenerative Agriculture possible.

Rodale Insitute

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We’re committed to using ingredients you can trust—like whole fruits, vegetables, herbs, and mushrooms. We source sustainably whenever possible, nourishing body and soul with the healing intelligence of pure whole foods and herbs. We’re also leading advocates of the non-GMO movement, with all of our multivitamins and many other supplements Non-GMO Project Verified.