From Nature to Bottle

At New Chapter, we craft supplements with the finest ingredients. It’s not the fastest way. It’s not the easiest way. But we believe it’s the best way to deliver the wellness benefits you expect.

The story behind our high quality ingredients.

We work hard to bring you supplements packed with the good stuff: real and true and tested. Where other supplements stop is where New Chapter starts! We ferment key nutrients to break them down for your body to recognize as food. We formulate our vitamins and minerals for absorption. And we are fiercely committed to excellent quality every step of the way.

Chapter 01.

The Wisdom of Nature

We source our ingredients from where they naturally grow best with the intention of delivering the purest, highest quality ingredients.

Quality from the Start

Our raw materials are rigorously tested for identity, purity, strength, composition, and microbiological attributes to start each product’s journey at the highest standard of quality.

Raw ingredients are tested for:

✔ Botanical ID (Genus Species)
✔ Plant Part (Root, Fruit, Stem, Leaf)
✔ Heavy Metals
✔ Pesticides
✔ Residual Solvents
✔ Gluten
✔ Allergens
✔ Microbiological Attributes

Chapter 02.

From Field to Formula

We honor each ingredient's purity and integrity with formulas that your body can truly absorb. We take expert care during the manufacturing process to ensure quality at every step.

Crafting with Excellence

New Chapter products are manufactured at GMP compliant and FDA registered facilities. We follow a set of tried and true formulation principles to unlock the best in each ingredient, whether it's using the power of fermentation, supercritical extraction, or other proprietary methods to build blends that truly support your wellness.

As ingredients become blends, they're tested to ensure they meet FDA, Health Canada, and California Prop 65 requirements for:

✔ Organoleptic Identity
✔ Appearance
✔ Vitamin/Mineral Assay
✔ Pesticides
✔ Gluten
✔ Allergens
✔ Heavy Metals
✔ Microbiological Attributes

Chapter 03.

Bottled in Brattleboro

Our home is in Brattleboro, Vermont, where we package products with meticulous attention to detail. Our team is committed to ensuring only the highest quality product reaches the bottle.

Bringing the Goodness Home

Our products are micro-tested when they come into our facility. Bottles are inspected before use, machines are cleaned between production runs, and we carefully monitor every step to ensure we always meet quality requirements.

Microbiological attributes we test for may include:

✔ Total Plate Count
✔ Yeast & Mold
✔ Salmonella
✔ E. Coli
✔ S. Aureus


Third-Party Certifications

Since our beginning in 1982, New Chapter® has been fiercely committed to delivering excellent quality—every ingredient, every product, every time. We test, we innovate, we test again... and then we send each formula to trusted third-party certifiers to confirm independently that our products are truly bringing you wellness, well done. Here’s how validations assure each product’s quality, purity, and more.

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