12 Things Employees LOVE About Working at New Chapter

12 Things Employees LOVE About Working at New Chapter

New Chapter® has a unique company culture that is created and nourished by our amazing employees. From hiking to homesteading to supporting local businesses and the community, the staff at New Chapter bring a little bit of Vermont spirit to work every day, no matter where they are. Most of all, our employees align with our healing mission: to craft excellent quality vitamins and supplements and to do good for both people and planet.

We want to celebrate those who make our company great by sharing 12 reasons employees LOVE working at New Chapter!

1. Healthy Snacks on Site

Health and wellness are at the heart of New Chapter’s mission. If they get hungry during the workday, employees at our Vermont headquarters know there’s a wealth of healthy snacks in our shared eating area!

2. Site Nurse

Did you know that New Chapter offices have two on-site nurses? Whether you have a mid-day headache or need your flu shot, nurses are available to help keep our employees healthy. If you can’t be on-site, we encourage employees to seek virtual appointments and healthcare. We make information on virtual care, as well as self-care tips, readily available so all employees can be at their very best! Our site nurses also run monthly wellness challenges, health fairs, blood drives, and share healthy recipes to encourage employees on their wellness journeys.

3. Company-Sponsored Wellness Activities

We love getting the New Chapter family together! When it’s safe to do so, New Chapter offers company-sponsored wellness events such as company hikes, picnics, and trash clean-ups. Favorite team events include Green Up Day, a local Vermont “holiday” dedicated to keeping the Green Mountain State green. We know that connection and a sense of community are an important part of holistic wellness, so we do our best to foster community whenever possible.

4. Encouraged Walking Meetings

Moving during the workday is critical to staying healthy. Did you know that frequent breaks and regular motion can keep us focused and alert throughout the workday? Plus, studies show that sitting for too long can be detrimental to your health. This is why employees are encouraged to walk while meeting if a computer is not needed!

5. Composting!

In July 2020, Vermont passed its Universal Recycling law, banning food scraps from recycling and garbage receptacles. Mandatory composting might be new to Vermont law, but at New Chapter composting has long been part of our culture! We employ the golden rule of "do no harm,” aiming to support human health, community, and Mother Earth with every business decision we make – all the way down to waste disposal! We compost, recycle, or reuse more than 80% of the waste we produce, everything from lunch leftovers and office paper to pallets and shrink-wrap. New Chapter is certified Zero Waste to Landfill, which reduces our carbon footprint and uses energy recovery to convert our waste into clean energy.

New Chapter employees

6. Paid Time Off for Volunteering

Community is at the heart of who we are. Brattleboro has been home to New Chapter since 1986—we love our town's progressive flair. The area supports a lively, conscientious community with vibrant non-profit initiatives in the arts, local governance, and community service. We encourage our employees to get involved in the local community, so we offer paid time off for volunteering! From preparing meals and handing out food at the Vermont Foodbank to cleaning up trash from local parks, New Chapter employees know that giving back is an important part of holistic wellness.

7. The Ability to Work from Home!

Health and wellness are so important, now more than ever. Whether at home or the office, New Chapter is committed to making sure our employees always feel safe and healthy. During the COVID-19 pandemic, we allowed employees to work remotely, and continue to operate on a hybrid model today. Flexible scheduling is one of the reasons New Chapter was voted one of the best places to work in Vermont in 2021. This is especially helpful for our “extended family”; New Chapter employees are located across the US and Canada.

8. Discounts on Products

New Chapter employees are knowledgeable, aligned with our healing mission, and believe in our high-quality products. In fact, some employee favorites include Zyflamend™ for joint support, Wholemega™ for heart health, and our once-daily Multivitamins for whole-body nutrition! We want our New Chapter family to feel their very best, so we offer monthly employee discounts on all of our products. This helps our team stay well-stocked with the supplements that mean so much to us.

9. Employee Excursions like Alaska and Costa Rica

If you work at New Chapter long enough, you become eligible for special employee excursions to exciting locations such as Alaska or Costa Rica! These employee trips show staff members exactly where, how, and why we source some of our high-quality ingredients. For example, our sustainable Wild Salmon is from pristine Alaskan waters, and employees get to see the fisheries in operation. The trips also help New Chapter employees from different departments get to know each other better and form bonds that last a lifetime!

10. “Personal Life” Meeting Topics

Work-life balance is incredibly important to us at New Chapter. We encourage employees to take time for themselves, their families, and their hobbies. At work, we support our employees’ interests by holding “personal life” trainings and events. We hold sessions on a variety of topics, from in-season gardening to hiking safety to physical wellness. Employees get the opportunity to share interests and expertise or simply learn about something new!

11. Qi Gong Practice

We've always cared deeply about nourishing body-mind connections at New Chapter. Employees have done meditation or other wellness practices together since we began back in 1982. Qi Gong (pronounced chee-gong) is an ancient Chinese meditation practice that combines mind, body, and breath. You might be familiar with Tai Chi, an example of Qi Gong. The slow, gentle movements that Qi Gong employs improve stability, balance, and circulation. Additionally, regular meditation can have long-term benefits, including lower blood pressure and decreased stress levels. Qi Gong practice is held weekly for employees’ wellness so they feel balanced, calm, and de-stressed.

12. Walking Trails and Community Garden

Let’s face it—work can be overwhelming. Sometimes, there is nothing better on a busy day than going outside. The New Chapter campus offers beautiful green spaces for our employees to wind down during the workday and reconnect to nature. For mid-day breaks or end-of-day walks, New Chapter is located within walking distance of local woodland trails. The community garden is another favorite spot on campus; all on-site employees are encouraged to utilize the community garden and share its harvest.

Favorite NC products

Our Employees' Favorite Products!

Our employees love New Chapter products. It’s a common icebreaker for each person to talk about their favorite when a new team member joins the company. Here are three of the top picks:

Zyflamend™ 10-herb blend

Zyflamend is our one-of-a kind herbal formula for joint support and inflammation. Crafted with 10 potent herbs that include ginger for pain relief*, Zyflamend is the perfect supplement for our active employees!

Wholemega™ fish oil

New Chapter believes in crafting supplements that are good for both people and the planet. The New Chapter family loves our Wholemega Fish Oil supplement because it’s sustainably sourced! Our extra-virgin 100% wild-caught Alaskan Salmon oil delivers critical omegas for heart health* while NOT contributing to overfishing.

Multivitamins for every body

Our once-daily multivitamins are our signature product, so we’re not surprised they’re an employee favorite! Crafted with fermented vitamins, minerals, and herbs, our easily digestible multivitamins deliver whole-body nutrition in a convenient, once-daily dose.

If you’re interested in learning more about New Chapter and our vibrant employee culture, please follow us on Instagram or LinkedIn. You can also sign up for our newsletter to get tips and stay in touch—we’d love that. We wish you all the best in health and wellness!

With Ginger for occasional pain relief after exercise

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