3 Things to Know About Personalized Vitamins

3 Things to Know About Personalized Vitamins

3 Things to Know About Customized Vitamins Based on Your Unique DNA

In the past 100+ years, science has made great advances in identifying nutrients that keep us healthy. We’ve learned, for example, that every human needs regular intake of Iodine, Vitamin C, Vitamin D3, and Folate. But this kind of general nutrient information is just that: general. What if you could look inside your very own cells and find out what YOU need to live life well? That’s exactly what New Chapter®’s new partnership with LifeDNA is all about. We’re teaming up to use the power of science to provide wellness information that’s specific to YOU.

Curate Your Healthy Life with Nutrigenomics

Nutrigenomics, also called nutritional genomics, is defined by the Cleveland Clinic as “the study of how genes and nutrition interact.” Your genes hold information about your likelihood of experiencing certain health issues or needing specific nutritional support. For instance, a person’s genes can predict if they are likely to feel jittery after consuming caffeine or if they are likely to have lower levels of DHA (an Omega-3 fatty acid). If you know these kinds of details based on your genetic profile, you can fine-tune your nutrition to help you stay well year after year. You can avoid caffeine if you know it might make you jittery, or you can consume Omega-3s regularly to make sure you’re getting adequate DHA. Some experts believe nutrigenomics is the future of healthcare, allowing providers to form precise health plans for clients.


One company, LifeDNA, has made it their mission to put these kinds of genetic insights right at consumers’ fingertips, right now. LifeDNA is a wellness service and personal genomics company that utilizes your unique data from a non-invasive DNA test. This allows you to tap into your inner treasure-trove of genetic information.

1. DNA Testing Makes Personalized Vitamins Possible!

What is DNA, anyway? DNA stands for deoxyribonucleic acid. DNA molecules resemble twisted strands that are tucked into the body’s cells as part of your chromosomes. Genes are sections of DNA that provide specific codes for making specific proteins. These proteins are the building blocks for your physical body as well as for enzymes that control essential chemical reactions. Every human inherits their genes from their parents, getting half of their DNA from their mother and half from their father. Long story short: your DNA is the instruction manual for everything that makes you YOU.


Interestingly, human DNA is over 99% the same. It’s the tiny variations in less than 1% of your DNA that make you a unique individual—from your hair color to your appetite, from your ability to digest lactose (a milk protein) to your sleep patterns. Biomedical researchers continue to study DNA, and their findings influence breakthroughs in medicine, pharmacology, and agriculture.

Why DNA Testing?

Finding out about your genes opens new doors to understanding your body. The codes hidden in your DNA can point to lifestyle changes that may keep you healthier and even live longer. Technological advances in DNA testing mean you can get your own DNA blueprint from a direct-to-consumer testing service just by sending a simple saliva sample. Then, all you need is someone with the key to your codes—experts who can connect detailed genetic findings with the latest science. That’s where LifeDNA comes in.

How Are Personalized Vitamins Recommended?

LifeDNA’s pioneering program with New Chapter gives you custom vitamin suggestions based on your genetics. Stop experimenting and get the facts! Here’s how to unlock information on personalized vitamins for women and for men.

  1. Create your LifeDNA account
  2. If you already have DNA test results, upload them to get your reports from LifeDNA. Not tested yet? You can also order a home test kit.
  3. Explore your personalized reports, packed with insights rooted in your own DNA, including custom New Chapter supplement suggestions.


All DNA and personal information is processed by LifeDNA according to its policies. New Chapter contributes product information for vitamin and supplement recommendations only.

2. Personalized Vitamins for Your Nutritional Needs

Your LifeDNA wellness membership can help guide healthy decisions about food and nutrition. This includes tips for building an optimized regimen of New Chapter supplements.

What wellness & nutrition insights will I get?

LifeDNA’s nutrigenomic analysis provides a suite of reports about traits present in your DNA. A trait is a specific genetic characteristic—for instance, whether your body may process Iron differently from the average person. Your LifeDNA custom dashboard includes a Vitamins & Supplements Report with personalized New Chapter product recommendations. It also includes other LifeDNA exclusive reports on overall wellness, personality & cognition, nutrition, and even skincare! While your DNA results don't indicate current nutritional status, they can give clues as to how your body processes certain nutrients. You can also learn if you’re more likely than average to need more of certain nutrients.

What are some top nutrients I should know about?

Micronutrients are important for staying healthy. Our genes determine how our bodies are able to use micronutrients—essential vitamins and minerals like D3 and Magnesium. The truth is, some people may experience nutrient gaps and are not getting adequate levels of micronutrients from food.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol) supports healthy bones and immune response.* Up to 70% of Americans have low levels of Vitamin D (based on the Endocrine Society’s definition of vitamin D sufficiency as serum 25-hydroxyvitamin D values of >30 ng/mL). DNA reports can indicate if someone is likely to have lower levels of Vitamin D.

Vitamin B12 levels

Vitamin B12 is essential for cellular energy production and healthy nerves.* According to the National Institutes of Health, around 1 in 5 adults age 60+ had abnormal levels of at least one B12 biomarker (NHANES study participants). DNA traits may point to a higher-than-average need for B12.

Magnesium levels

Magnesium is needed for over 300 functions including heart, bone, and muscle support.* Did you know that nearly half of Americans aren't getting enough magnesium? This deficit is caused by factors including poor nutrition from refined foods, decreasing nutrients in our soil, and the effects of stress. DNA results can show if someone should pay special attention to Magnesium supplementation.

3. How to Benefit from Your DNA Reports

Your in-depth, customized reports from LifeDNA can be a perfect planning tool! Explore the reports and suggested actions in your dashboard. You can click through for in-depth info on specific traits and nutrients you’re interested in. Then, review your habits and your supplement regimen to figure out changes you want to make. Got questions about specific supplements? Check in with your healthcare professional for details.

How do I know which vitamins are right for me?

Your LifeDNA customized Vitamins & Supplements report helps match you with New Chapter supplements for your needs. New Chapter is a great addition to any regimen because our products are expertly formulated for your body to really, truly absorb. New Chapter uses the highest quality ingredients from Nature in formulas that are inspired by ancient healing traditions and validated by the latest science. For example, if you want to supplement your levels of Iron based on your report information, New Chapter’s Fermented Iron Complex is a great choice. It’s crafted with gentle, non-constipating Iron that is formulated for absorption. Our Iron is blended with Vitamin C and other critical nutrients that help your body to absorb and utilize the Iron properly. AND Fermented Iron Complex is made with organic vegetables and herbs including Turmeric, Aloe, and Ginger. Our formulations are all about wellness, well done!

How do I pick the right supplements?

Build your New Chapter supplement regimen however you like! Some people add a few supplements at a time, while others make their custom vitamins list and start a whole new healthy routine. One way to get started is to cover your nutritional bases with a complete multivitamin, and then add other products based on your specific needs. Setting up a subscription with New Chapter can keep the goodness coming to your doorstep regularly so you never run out. (You can also save up to 20% when you subscribe.)


Supplements Safety

New Chapter products are manufactured in GMP compliant (Good Manufacturing Practices) and FDA registered facilities (Food & Drug Administration). Like all supplement companies, we are required to follow strict industry regulations. We go above and beyond these standards to ensure the highest quality ingredients are used to make the highest quality products so YOU can get the benefits you deserve. We take quality and testing very seriously at every step of the process—from Nature to Bottle.

Join Now!

Welcome to the next generation of wellness and personalized vitamins, rooted in your DNA. LifeDNA’s nutrigenomics program gives you science-backed insights and curated New Chapter supplement recommendations based on your unique DNA. Let your own DNA guide healthy decisions.  Click here to get started!

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