4 Reasons We Love Vermont

4 Reasons We Love Vermont

New Chapter is based in Brattleboro, Vermont—a small, quirky town in the southeast corner of the state. Giving back to our hometown area is a key part of New Chapter’s foundation, whether through product or monetary donations, employee food drives for our local foodbank, or working in the community on employee volunteer days. Check out a few causes that are close to our home and hearts:

Strolling of the Heifers is a non-profit organization that works to encourage entrepreneurship and innovation at farm and food businesses, to connect people and organizations around sustainable living and resilient communities, and to promote the value of locally focused lifestyles. This organization also hosts the annual Strolling of the Heifers parade, in which cows literally stroll through downtown Brattleboro. New Chapter has marched in the parade for the past 6 years, with employees and their families partaking in the festivities.

Kindle Farm School is an independent school that offers an alternative approach to education for boys who need something other than what a traditional classroom structure can offer. It serves students with a variety of learning needs and allows them to discover and practice new ways to communicate, problem-solve, and learn more effectively.

Vermont Foodbank works tirelessly to gather and share quality food and to nurture partnerships with the goal of keeping Vermonters from going hungry. We whole-heartedly agree with Vermont Foodbank CEO John Sayles, who says that hunger in our community is unacceptable. Together we can do something about that by working in partnership to reach those in need.

Groundworks Collaborative provides ongoing support to families and individuals facing housing and food insecurities in the greater Brattleboro, Vermont area. Groundworks operates the region’s largest and busiest food shelf, as well as a year-round shelter for community members.

Each of these organizations is making vital contributions to our home community, making it the wonderful, unique place we love. What are ways that you give back to your home community? Come visit us on social media to join the conversation!

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