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What Are the Top Supplements for Men?

What Are the Top Supplements for Men?

The Best Supplements for Men

When it comes to supporting men’s health throughout life, some basic recommendations will always hold true. These include eating a variety of healthy foods, getting regular physical activity (including muscle-strengthening exercises), and cutting down on fat, salt, and alcohol. But there are also some specific recommendations that you can follow for the specific life stage that you’re in. New Chapter’s holistic portfolio of vitamins and supplements is crafted to offer the best quality ingredients for the benefits you seek, so you can stay well now and for years to come. We’ve got you covered—whether it’s foundational wellness with nutrient-packed multivitamins, or expertly crafted formulas that benefit prostate, immune, energy, heart, or gut health. Let’s take a look at men’s needs at different ages and stages, and some of the best supplements for men to add to their routines.

Men’s Nutritional Needs

While most people try to eat well, let’s be honest—nobody is meeting the dietary guidelines every day of the week. In general, men’s nutritional needs can be met by eating a variety of healthy foods every day. Choose more whole grains, lean proteins including beans and nuts, and a rainbow of fruits and vegetables (ideally around 5 cups of these a day!). Men’s bodies also need certain essential micronutrients, such as selenium, calcium, and B vitamins. That’s where a personalized regimen of daily supplements for men’s health can help fill possible gaps. Taking the right supplements, including a complete men’s multivitamin, can give peace of mind that you’re getting a nice range of nutrients (and phytonutrients, aka plant compounds).

Best Vitamins & Supplements for Men to Take

Let’s walk through some top supplements for men, including supplements for men over 40 that are formulated to address your changing needs.



supplements for men foundational


The mighty multivitamin can be a solid pillar in your foundational nutrition. While we tend to eat for fat, calories, and protein, we don’t often choose foods for their micronutrients. How much Vitamin C did you get yesterday? Or Iodine? Taking a multivitamin like New Chapter’s Every Man™’s One Daily helps cover your bases. It delivers recommended amounts of vitamins and minerals from A to Zinc that your body uses to support eye health, immune function, heart health, digestion, cellular energy production, and more.*

For men over 40 and beyond, supplementation needs may change. Our one daily multivitamin for men over 40 , for example, has an added Prostate Support Blend with herbs including Saw Palmetto and organic Pumpkin Seed oil. As another example, since the immune system naturally starts to slow down with age, Every Man’s One Daily 55+ multivitamin is formulated to provide foundational nutrients for supporting healthy immune function, plus Astaxanthin (a plant-nutrient from organic algae).*

Pick your multivitamin

Vitamin D

If you’re looking to build lean muscle mass, Vitamin D deficiency can hinder your progress. Vitamin D is essential for the body to support muscle growth.* It’s estimated that up to 70% of Americans may be low in Vitamin D. Paying attention to your Vitamin D levels could be crucial in helping you to stay fit, active, and making headway on your fitness goals! Interestingly, ultraviolet rays, which help support natural Vitamin D levels, continue to be researched to help with athletic performance. New Chapter’s Fermented Vitamin D3 tablet is a great way to add extra D into your diet, especially if you’re spending long days indoors or are not fond of mushrooms, which naturally contain Vitamin D.


supplements for men Prostate


Selenium is a trace mineral that plants get from the soil, and it’s particularly abundant in foods like organ meats and Brazil nuts. Selenium has been linked to supporting men’s health through its antioxidant action, and this is linked to supporting the health of the prostate.* Knowing this, we deliver fermented Selenium in all of our men’s multivitamins, as well as in our premier men’s herbal blend Prostate 5LX™.


Protein exists in every cell, muscle, and organ and plays an important role in how your body recovers. When you exercise, your body breaks down protein, so making sure your body gets enough protein is key. While we can get protein from our diets, it can be difficult to fit in ~100 grams of protein a day (based on a 2000-calorie diet with the recommended intake of 10-35% protein at 4 cal/gm). If you have goals around muscle building or fitness, you may want even more protein. You can get protein from foods like lean meats, fish, poultry, legumes, nuts, seeds, tofu, and dairy products. You may also choose to supplement with protein from dedicated bars, beverages, or powders.

Saw Palmetto

For men, a normal part of aging is an increase in size of the prostate. Part of the reproductive system, the prostate sits below the bladder and wraps right around the urethra. In younger men, the prostate is about the size and shape of a walnut, but it tends to grow larger with age. If you’re age 40 or over, you can talk to a healthcare professional about the right prostate health checkups and screenings for you. You might also look to Nature for some prostate support. For example, we can turn to a Florida palm shrub with saw-shaped teeth on the leaf stem—Saw Palmetto ( Serenoa repens). Saw Palmetto extract has impressive research for prostate health support that has many men adding this into their supplement routine.* New Chapter includes supercritical Saw Palmetto berry extract in our synergistic men’s formula Prostate 5LX.

B Vitamins

What about energy supplements for men? B Vitamins help support healthy cellular energy metabolism and support the metabolism of fats and proteins.* New Chapter includes all 8 B vitamins in our multivitamin tablets for men, as well as in our men’s gummy multivitamins.* (Our delicious gummies are made without unnecessary extra sugar, using organic blue agave fiber instead.)


supplements for men Omega-3


Omega fatty acids are a great addition to your heart, brain, and overall wellness routine.* Your brain is predominantly made of fats, so feeding your brain great fats helps keep you firing on all cylinders. Healthy Omega-3s include EPA (Eicosapentaenoic acid) and DHA (Docosahexaenoic acid). Our sustainably harvested Wholemega Fish Oil delivers 520 mg of Omega-3s per serving for heart, brain, eye, and joint support.* Want a vegan option? New Chapter’s Vegan Omega-3 Complex delivers potent Omega-3s from a pure, plant-based source : fermented microalgae.


Zinc has a lot of benefits for men, not only because of its ability to support the immune system, but also to support men’s fertility with sperm production and balanced testosterone levels. * New Chapter’s fermented Zinc is unique because it absorbs 1.6 times better than isolated zinc gluconate. You can find our bioavailable fermented Zinc in New Chapter’s multivitamin for men, as well as in our easy-to-swallow, one-daily Zinc formula with complementary Elderberry.


Gut health is another major pillar for overall wellness and well-being. Your digestive system supplies nutrition to your body and also houses millions of nerve endings , so you want to keep it running like a finely tuned engine. To keep your digestive engine running smoothly, you can balance your microbiome with supplemental good bacteria.* What’s the microbiome? It’s the billions of living fungi, bacteria, and even viruses that make up your personal ecosystem. If these microorganisms are balanced and humming along, you’ll feel the difference in well-being and general health. Our complete gut health All-Flora™ Probiotic is formulated to help with this balance, delivering clinically studied strains of probiotics plus prebiotics for fuel and postbiotic compounds.*


supplements for men stress-relief


Looking for a bit of calm? Men may want to unwind with the hottest stress-balancing herb on the market, Ashwagandha.* Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera ) is an adaptogen that helps support how your body handles stress, and also helps balance your energy and mood.* New Chapter includes a clinical dose of 5x concentrated leaf and root extract in Ashwagandha Force™, our once-daily herbal supplement for mental and physical stress relief.*


Did you know that bone loss can begin in your 30s? While calcium supplementation is usually geared toward women, men are also at risk for bone loss. Support your bone density and normal bone creation with an organic plant calcium supplement that includes Vitamins D3 & K2 for better absorption.* Bonus: Calcium is also important for many functions of the body, like hormone release and nerve function. Good to have!

The Bottom Line

Your supplement regimen is as unique as you are. The top supplements for men? They’re really the ones that address your life stage needs the way YOU want. Finding what works for you is about setting good foundations and asking questions to find ingredients that support your goals. New Chapter is here to support you every step of the way—delivering excellent quality from nature to bottle, so you can do you!

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Based on the Endocrine Society’s definition of vitamin D sufficiency as serum 25-hydroxyvitamin D values of >30 ng/mL

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