Get Personalized Supplement Subscriptions with New Chapter®️!

Get Personalized Supplement Subscriptions with New Chapter®️!

It has never been easier to get excellent quality vitamins and supplements delivered right to your door! If you’re into natural wellness, set yourself up with personalized shipments and premium discounts on all the vitamin, supplement, and herbal goodness that you love. Check out how a New Chapter subscription brings big perks!

Why Subscribe to Vitamins and Supplements?

A New Chapter vitamin subscription gives you 3 major benefits, which are cost, convenience, and customization. YOU get to be in the driver’s seat. You control the items, the quantities, and how often you receive them.


The main reason to subscribe? You get a great deal! Navigate our website to choose your product, the quantity you want, and how often you want it shipped, and get 15-20% off each month depending on the number of items. For example, sign up to receive a monthly shipment of a fermented multivitamin and a plant calcium supplement, and get a refill of Zyflamend™ herbal pain reliever every 3 months. Your order is automatically processed and shipped according to your chosen frequency. Bonus: subscription replenishments always get free shipping!


Subscriptions make getting your supplements easy-peasy! It's super handy to just have products come right to your door when you need them. No worries about shopping and schlepping. Just set it and forget it, and we’ll keep the goodness coming just when you need it.


You can curate your regimen any time. To customize, visit My Account to make updates to future deliveries, email reminder timing, item quantity, and delivery address. You can also cancel at any time prior to next ship date. (Please allow up to 48 hours for modifications or cancellations to be processed.)

How Long Do Vitamins Take to Work?

Taking vitamins gives you essential micronutrients that can fill nutritional gaps depending on what you're getting from food each day. We usually recommend taking a new product for several weeks to see how it works in your body. Then you can add another new product and see how that works for you, and so on. Some people find that taking a multivitamin as part of their daily routine helps set them up for a great day, every day.


You can also plan to switch up your vitamins and supplements depending on the season or your lifestyle needs. For example, if you’re facing a hectic period you could lean on Ashwagandha Force™ for mental and physical stress relief.* If you need an energy boost during dark winter mornings, you could add Vitamin B Complex to your routine. Women who are pregnant or planning to be can take high-quality prenatal vitamins to build levels of Folate and other key nutrients that will support their baby’s healthy development. If it’s immune season, you can add fermented Vitamins C and D3 to your routine. Check with your healthcare provider with any questions about the best supplements for you.

Discount for Subscribers


Our subscription program has two tiers of savings—the more the merrier!


  • Save 15% when you subscribe to 1-3 products
  • Save 20% when you subscribe to 4+ products

Your subscription purchases also earn you Purple Points, which are New Chapter’s rewards system. Rack up rewards to redeem later for free products or discount coupons.

How to Sign Up for New Chapter Subscribe and Save

Subscriptions can be set up while browsing on a product page or while reviewing items in the shopping cart.

  • From the product page, select the Subscribe and Save option and the preferred shipment frequency (like earning points for dollars spent). Then check out as normal.
  • From the shopping cart, click on the circle next to Subscribe and Save and choose your shipping frequency.

How to Add Products to Subscription

New items can be added to existing subscription orders either as a one-time purchase or as an additional subscription item. Sign in to your account and click on the “Shop Now” button located on the Subscriptions tab, then navigate to the product page for the item you would like to add. A box directly under the quantity and size options will allow you to place the item in your upcoming order. Confirm if you would like the product processed as a one-time delivery or set up as subscription, and click “submit.”

How to Remove Products from Subscription

To remove an individual item from a multi-item subscription order, click the “Remove” link located under the subscription frequency of the item you wish to remove. This item will be removed from the current replenishment and be placed on the next scheduled replenishment order. Note that this does not cancel your item—it just removes it from the upcoming shipment. (See below about how to cancel.)

How to Change Subscription Date

To change your next order date, click the “Change Date” button on the top right of the shipment box, and then select a new date for your shipment. Once you have chosen the desired date, click “Save Shipment Date.” This will change the shipment date for all of the products scheduled to replenish on that next shipment.

How to Cancel a Subscription

To cancel a subscription, click the “Cancel” link to the right of the item you wish to cancel. You’ll be prompted to confirm this action and indicate your reason for cancelling. Once you’ve selected a cancel reason and clicked the button, your subscription will be cancelled, and no future shipments will be sent for that item. You will receive an email notification confirming this action. New Chapter does request that any cancellations or modifications be made at least 48 hours ahead of the next replenishment date.


Wish you hadn’t cancelled? Subscriptions can be reactivated at any time by scrolling to the bottom of the subscriptions tab, choosing the product you wish to receive again and clicking the purple “Reactivate Subscription” button. You will be prompted to confirm the reactivation and your subscription will be set for the next scheduled replenishment date.

Get Started Today! 

So… join the club and set up your subscription today! We’re here to help you out any time—find us through our contact page, or you can hit “Chat” on this page for help (we’re online from 8am-5pm Eastern). We’ll work hard to get the best quality ingredients we can find, sent right to your doorstep!

† Rewards cannot be applied to existing subscription orders.

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