How New Chapter Gives Back to Our Community

How New Chapter Gives Back to Our Community

New Chapter®’s wellness mission is expressed not only through our sourcing and formulation principles but also with every action we take as a company. As a Certified B Corporation, we define success in holistic terms that encompass not just profit but people and Earth too. In this season of giving, we’re taking a look at some causes and partnerships that we are proud to support throughout the year.

New Chapter’s Local Partnerships

New Chapter is based in Brattleboro, Vermont. Giving back to our hometown area is a key part of New Chapter’s foundation, whether through product or monetary donations, employee food drives for our local foodbank, or working in the community on employee volunteer days. New Chapter provides product or monetary donations to a number of local organizations that each make vital contributions to our home community.

Retreat Farm

Retreat Farm is a recreational and cultural resource right in Brattleboro. Their mission is to use their 500-acre woodland, farm, and wetland area as a way to foster a sustainable and diverse community that’s deeply tied to the land itself. Retreat Farm programs range from a free farm share and pay-what-you-can farmstand, cultural events such as musical performances and food truck roundups, and open access to forest trails to farm animal visits for families and school programs.

Food Connects

Food Connects is an entrepreneurial non-profit based in Brattleboro that delivers locally produced food as well as providing educational and consulting services aimed at transforming local food systems. Food Connects runs a vibrant Farm to School program that helps bring fresh, healthy food to schools, strengthens farm-to-classroom connections, and enlivens children’s taste buds. Their Food Hub aggregates and delivers from over 70 local farms and food producers to over 140 buyers in the area. The program also supports food, farm, and nutrition education for over 30 schools.


Vermont Foodbank

This statewide hunger relief organization works tirelessly to gather and share quality food, and to nurture partnerships so that no one in our state goes hungry. We whole-heartedly agree with Vermont Foodbank CEO John Sayles, who says that hunger in our community is unacceptable. Together we can do something about that—when we all work in partnership, we can reach those in need. New Chapter supports the Foodbank both with monetary donations as well as donating employee volunteer hours gleaning and sorting food to help nurture our neighbors in the community.

Groundworks Collaborative

Groundworks Collaborative was established in 2015 and provides ongoing support to families and individuals facing housing and food insecurities in the greater Brattleboro, Vermont area. Groundworks operates Foodworks, the region’s largest and busiest food shelf. The collaborative also has a year-round 30-bed shelter for those experiencing homelessness, a seasonal overflow shelter, and a day shelter. They provide housing support case management, lead local advocacy efforts, and host both an on-site nurse and a mental health clinician to provide referrals or counseling to those who need it.


Kindle Farm School

This independent school was created as an alternative educational approach for students who need something other than what a traditional classroom structure can offer. It serves students with a variety of emotional, behavioral, neurological, and learning needs and allows them to discover and practice new ways to communicate, problem-solve, and learn effectively. Based in Vermont, Kindle Farm works to provide hands-on learning experiences to students and is dedicated to a strong student to staff ratio (3:1 if possible).

New Chapter’s National Partnerships

At New Chapter, we see ourselves as environmental stewards focused on nourishing human health. We support national organizations whose missions align with our own.


Rodale Institute

New Chapter is growing the organic movement as a corporate partner with the Rodale Institute in Kutztown, Pennsylvania. Since their founding in 1947, Rodale Institute has been taking the lead to develop better and more sustainable methods of farming. This includes ways to mitigate and adapt to climate change. New Chapter helps to fund vital research in how to heal the world with the power of regenerative agriculture. Rodale Institute’s inspiring work includes:

  • Proving that organic agriculture outperforms conventional agriculture in terms of both yield and profit
  • Demonstrating the power of organic food to prevent and reverse disease
  • Creating economic vitality by training tomorrow’s farmers
  • Helping consumers to make informed choices about their health and food


The Warrior Connection

Dedicated to improving the overall well-being of veterans and their families, The Warrior Connection (TWC) provides residential retreats and services to Veterans and their families to heal the invisible injuries incurred while in uniform. The programs and services are open to Veterans of all eras. The Warrior Connection is dedicated to rehabilitating PTSD and breaking the cycle so healing can begin and continue. TWC also offers programs for military spouses and families. New Chapter supports TWC both with monetary donations as well as providing supplements that benefit mind and body, like Holy Basil Force™ for herbal stress support.*

Herbalists Without Borders   

Many people know of Doctors Without Borders, but you may be surprised to learn that practitioners of alternative and complementary medicine are similarly active. Herbalists Without Borders is a local and global network of volunteers dedicated to providing compassionate holistic care. They travel to communities that have been affected by natural disasters, violent conflicts, poverty, and other situations and that have limited access to good health and wellness care. The organization has two focal points: herbal health justice and humanitarian aid. Herbalists Without Borders is making a difference in underserved communities around the world by providing access to holistic care through herbal medicine. As a company founded on sharing healing herbal traditions, supporting the organization is a natural partnership for New Chapter!

Taking care of people and planet has been in New Chapter’s DNA from Day One. As we grow and learn each day, it’s important to continue giving back to our community—both locally and nationally. Giving back through philanthropy and service is very important to us!

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