3 Easy Ways to Build Community

3 Easy Ways to Build Community

We love being a part of your self-care journey. Since 1982, New Chapter has been delivering healing through our products and defining business success in terms of people, planet, and profits.

In 2014, we found more of our peeps when we qualified as a Certified B Corporation! B Corp certified companies are dedicated to measuring business success beyond just profits—they also measure environmental impact, benefits to workers and consumers, and contributions to community. Over 3,200 companies (“B Corps”) are committed to continuously developing new ways to enliven these values. It was a natural fit for us.

You too can support these values and be a part of the B Corp community—without being a company! Your choices make a difference. Here are a few suggestions to consider:

1. Take small, personal actions every day.

For example, you could introduce yourself to a longtime neighbor, quit plastic water bottles, attend a community town hall, or register to vote.

2. Volunteering rocks!

Giving back is good for your community and for your heart. Share a passion or expand your interests by choosing a local organization, large or small. You can do one-time volunteering at an event or devote some time every week or once a month at a non-profit or school, a place of worship, or the local library.

3. Support B Corps in your hometown and online.

Together we have the collective power of buying from, working for, and working with B Corps. Check out for a searchable list of B Corp businesses. You may be surprised at who you find. Also, look for the B Corp logo when purchasing. (It’s on every box of vitamins & supplements we ship.)

We are proud to be part of this global community of over 3,200 companies in 60+ countries. Representing 150 different industries, the B Economy ranges from bakeries to banking, from clothing to consulting, and from educational to environmental resources.

Join us in celebrating: New Chapter is a “Best for the World Changemaker” award winner—that means we’re in the top 20% of all B Corps—two years in a row!

Certified B Corps know that people and planet matter as much as profit. We also know that together, we can change the world with the choices we make. Thanks for choosing B Corps.

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