Why Fish Oil?

Why Fish Oil?

Photo Courtesy of Alaska Seafood 

D’ya know how your heart soars when you unexpectedly see someone you love?  When you laugh heartily with old friends?  When you kiss your sweet child goodnight?

These heart-felt connections mirror the importance of supporting our hearts physically. As one of the primary organs that keeps our bodies functioning smoothly—delivering oxygen and removing carbon dioxide, distributing nutrients and proteins, and regulating body temperature, for example—your heart deserves some practical, loving support.

Why fish oil?

Omega fatty acids from fish are some of the most studied heart-healthy nutrients. These good fats provide effective heart-health support* and may reduce the risk of coronary heart disease. § Wholemega™ Whole Fish Oil supplement makes it easy to get the comprehensive benefits with 17 whole Omegas, featuring Omega-3’s plus Vitamin D3. 

Which fish matters. 

Experts recommend 2 to 3 servings of fatty, cold-water fish like Wild Alaskan Salmon every week to support heart health. One week of Wholemega Whole Fish Oil provides the same amount of whole Omega fatty acids as three servings of Wild Alaskan Salmon.

One serving of Wholemega per day† has been shown to retain healthy triglyceride levels, important for helping support the health of the cardiovascular system.* Wholemega™ Omega fatty acids EPA & DHA are also the building blocks for the brain and support joint and eye health.*

On the other hand, many fish oils are derived from smaller fish lower on the vital food chain including krill, sardines, and anchovies. These catches must be high-heat processed to counteract rancidity and to remove accumulated pesticides. 

How we fish matters even more.

Most commercial oils do not put sustainability first. Today’s international high-volume fishing industry routinely practices destructive, irreversible fishing methods that are quickly decimating populations of popular fish oil species like krill, sardines, and anchovies. Not only does this impact the food chain for larger marine animals, but these fishing methods often capture larger marine mammals including dolphins and sharks. Talk about heart-ache.

New Chapter is proud to only use sustainably caught Wild Alaskan Salmon from Certified Responsible Alaska Fisheries. Catches and salmon migrations are monitored daily by the Alaska Department of Fish & Game. In fact, Alaska has been successfully sustaining their wild salmon populations since they became a state in 1959.

Our fish oil from freshly caught Pink Salmon is pressed right at the processing plant. Pinks, also known as “Humpys,” have an 18-month life-cycle compared to the much longer life cycles of larger salmon species. So Pinks do not acquire measurable PCBs and their DHA is higher than other types of salmon.

Every part of each fish is utilized by our seafood supplier: beautiful cuts of salmon are packaged for restaurants and grocery stores; roe is cultivated for caviar; and fish scrap is shipped for pet food. Our fish oil from nutritious trim ensures that not one additional fish needs to be caught just for Wholemega Whole Fish Oil.  It does our heart good.

Make the healthy choice with Wholemega Whole Fish Oil

Good for you. Good for the ocean. 

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