Essentials Bundle

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Experience wellness without the guesswork! Get holistic support with these 3 hard-working supplements in our Essentials Bundle.

- Omega-3 Complex for heart, brain, eye & joint health*
- Magnesium + Ashwagandha for muscle, bone, heart & relaxation support*
- Hair, Skin & Nails for youthful skin and strong hair & nails*


Bundle up and save with New Chapter®’s curated supplement selections! Take the guesswork out of wellness with easy combos of our excellent-quality, highly effective supplements for the benefits you want. Perfect gift ideas, too.


Our commitment to quality.

Since our beginning in 1982, New Chapter has been fiercely committed to delivering excellent quality–every ingredient, every product, every time. You can rest assured that our ingredients meet the strict safety and purity requirements set by the FDA (Food & Drug Administration), Health Canada, and California Prop 65.

Check the Supplement Facts Panel of your product for ingredient details.

✔ Organoleptic Identity
✔ Appearance
✔ Vitamin/Mineral Assay
✔ Pesticides
✔ Gluten
✔ Allergens
✔ Heavy Metals
✔ Microbiological Attributes