7 Ways to Save Our Soil—And Boost Your Garden

7 Ways to Save Our Soil—And Boost Your Garden

We depend on soil for 95% of our food. But soil quality has been declining for the past 50+ years as  industrial farming focused on producing huge quantities at the lowest cost. Over this same time, the nutrient density of our food also declined. Far from ideal.

By changing the way we farm and garden, we can build up soil and increase the nutritional value of our food. Healthy top soil is a well-balanced ecosystem teeming with purposeful ambassadors. Bacteria produce natural antibiotics that help plants resist disease; fungi helps plants to absorb water and nutrients; and microscopic organisms, like nematodes and protozoa , mineralize nutrients for plants to absorb and keep soil bacteria in balance.

Regenerative, organic farming is leading the way in changing how we produce our food, and the results are very encouraging. Multi-year studies by our friends at the Rodale Institute are demonstrating great results: 

  • Produce yields were 40% higher in times of drought
  • Farmers earned 3 to 6 times greater profits
  • Farmers used 45% less energy and released 40% fewer carbon emissions

Regenerative methods also work for the home garden. Try a few of these soil saving tips!

  1. Compost your kitchen scraps instead of tossing them into the garbage can.
  2. Make a worm bin and cultivate worm castings, the richest of soils.
  3. Share a garden and a compost bin with a neighbor or two.
  4. Plant flowers in your garden or patio boxes that attract native pollinators.
  5. Refrain from using chemical weed killers and lawn fertilizers. Look for earth-friendly home remedies for weeds or learn about regenerative methods for weed mitigation.
  6. Plant a cover crop at the end of the season to keep the soil active and alive.
  7. When buying, buy organic. Get to know your local organic farmers & vendors. Look for ‘Certified Organic’ on products, including your multivitamins. If buying organic meat, look for pasture-raised and grass-fed varieties.

Join us in celebrating Earth month every month—including reclaiming soil health and nutritious food production. Did you know we use regeneratively farmed supercritical Turmeric in our Turmeric Force capsules? Learn more about  regenerative agriculture here!

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