6 Actions to Celebrate Earth Day, Every Day

6 Actions to Celebrate Earth Day, Every Day

The 50 th Anniversary of Earth Day this year is a good time to take a fresh look at what day-to-day choices we make to foster the health of our planet. What we do matters!

By uniting around values and decisions that make a difference, we are collaborating with thousands, even millions, around the world. Together we will create a healthy planet for all. Here are some tips for you, and how we’re implementing them:

1. Purchase products that are earth-friendly and made using sustainable practices.

New Chapter’s unwavering commitment to environmental stewardship is central to our Guiding Principles since we began in 1982. Our products are made following the principle “To nurture and sustain Mother Earth, the source of natural healing.”

2. Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much. — Helen Keller

Everyday activities like these can benefit the environment and decrease the collective carbon footprint:

  • Download your music and audio books whenever possible to significantly reduce carbon dioxide emissions from streaming
  • Prepare more plant-centered meals
  • Walk, bike, or bus to work whenever you can—or create a carpool
  • Plant a tree—or 100! Join The Canopy Project whose goal is to plant 7.8 billion trees in 2020—one for every person on the planet.

New Chapter works with our suppliers to create production solutions that are beneficial for their employees, for their local communities, and for the earth.

3. “Healthy Soil = Healthy Food = Healthy People.” — G.I. Rodale

Whether you are a seasoned gardener or a newbie, discover regenerative, organic methods to grow healthy food.  

  • Aerate your soil with a broad fork, not a rototiller
  • Use discarded cardboard and straw or leaf mulch to keep weeds at bay
  • Plant a mix of perennials and annuals to provide a healthy environment for microorganisms in your soil.

New Chapter has always been committed to using organic vegetables and herbs in our products and we have proactively assisted farmers worldwide to transition to organic methods.

We also are a proud corporate partner with the Rodale Institute who are proving that organic agriculture methods outperform conventional agriculture. They are training farmers in economically beneficial, organic methods and demonstrating that growing and consuming organic produce can prevent and reverse disease. Please check out their work, it’s amazing and inspiring!

4. Material matters.

Waste reduction and diversion from landfills significantly decreases the amount of CO 2 released from those landfills—especially from food waste. These familiar encouragements impact both your local environment and total greenhouse gases.

  • Compost your food waste in your backyard or a worm bin.
  • Re-use containers when possible and reduce the purchase of products in plastic containers.
  • Reduce trash by recycling cardboard, bottles, and cans.

New Chapter diverted over 70% of our waste from landfills in 2019, including our closed-loop cardboard system in partnership with our packaging supplier.

5. Healthy action starts where you live.

B-Corp LogoSupport companies who engage workers respectfully and provide healthy, balanced working conditions. Solutions come from employees who are respected, which, in turn, contributes to the health of the greater community. Look for the Certified B Corp logo to identify businesses that are accountable for balancing people, planet, and profit.

New Chapter creates a healthy community of employees in many ways, including paid volunteer time, livable wages for all, and a healthy snack program. We are proud to be a Certified B Corp since 2014! 

6. Celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day.

Celebrate this month with Earth-beneficial donations. Consider one-time donations to local organizations or pledge on-going support for a specific organization this year.

At New Chapter, we’re environmental stewards focused on nourishing human health and we support national, regional, and local community organizations focused on those topics. Learn more at

Share your Earth Day commitment and help inspire and encourage others!

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