9 Tricks to Help You Remember to Take Your Vitamins

9 Tricks to Help You Remember to Take Your Vitamins

How to Remember to Take Your Vitamins: 9 Tips & Tricks

The benefits of vitamins are undeniable. From boosting your immune system to giving you greater energy to get through the day, taking vitamins will help you feel and perform at your best. Yet vitamins are only helpful if you remember to take them. What can you do if you struggle with this? Here are 9 tricks to help you remember to take your vitamins.

1. Set Your Phone Alarm

You always have your phone with you, right? Set an alarm at the times when you need to take your vitamins. When it goes off, you will have no excuse for not taking your supplements.

2. Use an Online Calendar

If a phone alarm doesn't work for you, but you spend a lot of time on your computer, set up an online calendar. This will send you an alert on your computer or to your email to remind you to take your vitamins. Even if you’re at work, you won’t forget this important self-care task.

3. Keep Them in Plain Sight

The popular saying “out of sight, out of mind” also applies to vitamins. If you want to remember to take your vitamins, keep them in a visible place, like on your kitchen counter or nightstand. Try one of our sleek, stackable S'well  countertop vitamin organizers. Each reusable stainless steel container holds up to one-month's supply of 3 different supplements.

4. Use a Weekly Pill Case

At the start of the week, organize your vitamins by day into a  weekly pill case. Then, as the week gets busy, you can simply grab your case and have all of your supplements close at hand. Are you taking supplements multiple times a day? Have an organizer for breakfast, lunch, and dinner to make it easier. With this system, you’ll always know when to take your supplements.

5. Buy More Than One Bottle

How many times have you left home, only to find that you forgot to grab your vitamins? To avoid missing your vitamins, purchase multiple bottles, and keep one in your purse or briefcase, at your work desk, and in your home.

6. Pair Vitamins with Meals

Get in the habit of taking your supplements with a specific meal. It will help you build a routine in which you’ll rarely forget to take your supplements.

7. Enlist a Friend's Help

Ask a friend or family member to remind you to take your vitamins—with a quick daily text, for example. Your loved ones want you to be healthy, so they will likely be willing to take on this job to keep you accountable!

8. Use Sticky Notes

Use sticky notes to put reminders in places you will most likely see them, like on your bathroom mirror or your coffee maker. The key to making this trick work is choosing a spot you visit daily, so get creative!

9. Link Vitamins to an Essential Task

What’s an essential task you perform daily? Whether it’s drinking your morning coffee or even brushing your teeth, require that you take your vitamins before you can complete this task. Soon it will become a habit that you don’t even think about.

Vitamins are only going to help you reach your health goals if you remember to take them consistently. If you are struggling with how to remember to take vitamins, use these tricks. By finding a routine to help you remember to take them daily, you’ll experience maximum benefits. And of course, these tricks work for any type of supplement, including herbals, Omegas, mushrooms, and minerals.

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