The Gold Standard: New Chapter Brings You DNA-Testing for Mushroom Supplements

The Gold Standard: New Chapter Brings You DNA-Testing for Mushroom Supplements

It’s a fact: mushrooms are notoriously tricky to identify. It’s possible to have two mushrooms that look similar to the eye, but are fundamentally different at a genetic level. So, for as long as humans have been benefiting from mushrooms as food and medicine, we’ve relied on experts to verify their correct identity. Mycologists (mushroom scientists) have been steadily building our body of knowledge on how to distinguish each unique type of mushroom. One of the best ways turns out to be DNA testing.

New Chapter’s LifeShield™ products give you mushroom strains that are identity assured. Every strain - from Reishi to Maitake to Turkey Tail - is carefully qualified and confirmed. This includes identification through mushroom DNA testing. We established a new gold standard in mushroom identification: taking the time to test each strain at the DNA level, then crosscheck and confirm the results with robust databases. Every batch is also tested against an established chemical fingerprint for that mushroom

species to verify and confirm its identity. The result? With New Chapter LifeShield mushroom supplements, you can be sure that what you see is what you get!

New Chapter LifeShield mushrooms give you the wisdom of the whole fungi—preserving each mushroom’s profile of beneficial compounds. Learn more about our mushroom supplements: LifeShield Reishi, LifeShield Mind Force, LifeShield Liver Force, LifeShield Breathe, and LifeShield Immune Support.

We LOVE our mushrooms—what do you think? Learn more!

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