In Praise of Kelp

In Praise of Kelp

Kelp. A short word but strong. It starts with a hard glottal consonant, dives through the long smooth L, ends with a popping plosive.

Kelp. Is it a one-word poem, this fast-growing Laminaria that is playground of the sea otter and the grey whale’s buffet? Is it the seaside’s quiet gift to children, who wander to find fronds and pop the squishy floats? Is it the “highway of the ancients” that led seafaring peoples on a promising path from Asia to the Americas thousands of years ago?

Kelp certainly is part of nourishing traditions in many cultures. In Japan, it is called Kombu and used to make dashi stock or eaten with rice or as a salad. In Korea, it is the custom for women to consume nutritious seaweed soup after giving birth. And it happens that Kelp is a natural source of many vitamins and minerals, including essential Iodine.

When it comes to nourishing new and nursing moms, it’s only natural that New Chapter turned to the whole-food power of Iodine-rich Kelp. Sustainably harvested and sourced from its cold native waters in Scotland, our Kelp is fermented like so many of our vitamins, minerals, and herbs. Kelp is one of the stars of Perfect Postnatal for its natural Iodine - key for supporting thyroid health, especially in nursing mothers.*

So, what does Kelp mean to you? Does it inspire poetry, or is it simply a nutrient?

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