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5 Best Vitamins for Women Over 50 in 2024

5 Best Vitamins for Women Over 50 in 2024

Five Best Vitamins for Women Over 50

Isn't it time to change the way we think about aging? Getting older in the 21st century offers many opportunities to lead a dynamic, active life. Of course, there are changes and challenges along the way, and New Chapter is here to help. To support your healthy journey, we compiled a list of our most frequently asked questions about vitamins for women 50+. Our goal is to help you feel great and live life to the fullest.

What are the best vitamins for women 50+?

Your body needs trace amounts of many micronutrients to function every day. These include compounds better known as vitamins. Most micronutrients that we need come from food, but taking supplements can help fill nutrient gaps. If you’re wondering which vitamins are the most important for women over 50, here are five essentials.

  • B Vitamins. This group of compounds includes Vitamin B2 (riboflavin), Vitamin B3 (niacin), Vitamin B6 (pyridoxine), Vitamin B12 (cobalamin), and Folate. Together, they help support your nervous system health and enable cellular energy production.*
  • Vitamin C. Also called ascorbic acid, this vitamin is good for healthy immune function, collagen integrity and healthy skin, and adrenal support.*
  • Vitamin D3. Also called cholecalciferol, D3 helps the body absorb calcium properly, which in turn supports the bones.
  • Vitamin E. This fat-soluble nutrient has antioxidant properties that support healthy aging.*
  • Vitamin K. This covers two vitamins–K1 (phylloquinone) and K2 (menaquinone)—that are needed for healthy bones.

What is the RDA of vitamins and minerals for women over 50?

RDA means Recommended Dietary Allowance. It refers to the average daily amount of a nutrient that would meet the needs of healthy individuals. RDA is part of a larger group of nutrient recommendations called DRI (Dietary Reference Intakes) that are determined by the Food and Nutrition Board of the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine.

In general, recommendations are the same for adult women over the age of 19, but there are a few that vary by age. Check with your healthcare provider about what’s right for you!

Recommendations that increase based on age:

  • Vitamin D recommendations increase for women over 70 (changes from 15 mcg daily to 20 mcg daily)
  • Vitamin B6 recommendations increase for women age 51+ (changes from 1.3 mg daily to 1.5 mg daily)
  • Calcium recommendations increase for women age 51+ (changes from 1000 mg daily to 1200 mg daily)

Recommendations that decrease based on age:

  • Iron recommendations decrease for women age 51+ (changes from 18 mg daily to 8 mg daily)
  • Chromium recommendations decrease for women age 51+ (changes from 25 mcg daily to 20 mcg daily)

What are good vitamins for bone strength?

When you think of bone health, you might think of the mineral Calcium. Makes total sense, since your body stores Calcium in the bones to use whenever needed. However, when you first consume calcium, it needs help to get to your bones. There are two essential vitamins that do this job.

  • Vitamin D3 supports proper calcium digestion by the body.
  • Vitamin K2 guides calcium to bones, where you want it.

No surprise then that New Chapter’s plant calcium supplements are always formulated with Vitamins D3 & K2, so you can be sure you’re getting everything you need for bone strength. In fact, Bone Strength Take Care™ helps reduce the risk of osteoporosis (bone density loss).† Visit our plant-based calcium blog to learn more about this sustainably harvested ingredient.

Why is D3 an important vitamin for women over 50?

Your skin creates Vitamin D3 when exposed to the sun, which is why Vitamin D3 is sometimes called the “sunshine vitamin.” However, this natural ability to synthesize your own D3 declines with age. (Not to mention that sunscreen, clothing, and being indoors cuts down on sun exposure.) So, it’s generally recommended that women get at least 15 mcg (600 IU) of Vitamin D3 a day, and if you’re over 70 that bumps up to 20 mcg daily (800 IU).


And what does D do? In addition to helping the body to use calcium effectively, which supports strong bones, D3 also supports cardiovascular health, healthy muscle function, and healthy immune function.* You can get a clinically studied level of Vitamin D3 (2000 IU) in our easy-to-swallow fermented D3 tablets, or get bioactive D3 (1000 IU) in our 100% delicious Strength Support Vitamin D3+ gummies, made with 72% less sugar than the leading D gummy vitamins.

Are calcium supplements a good idea for women over 50?

Yes! For one thing, menopause has been shown to increase osteoporosis risk. The average age of menopause onset is 51, so it’s a perfect time to make sure your routine includes a high-quality calcium supplement. New Chapter’s organic plant calcium is sustainably harvested from Red Marine Algae from the coast of Iceland and formulated with D3 & K2 to help calcium get to your bones. And no giant chalky pills either! New Chapter’s Bone Strength Take Care™ supplement comes in easy-to-swallow Slim Tablets or even smaller Tiny Tabs™.

How do B vitamins benefit women over 50?

B Vitamins are water soluble, meaning they are not stored in the body. (The exception is B12, which is stored in the liver.) The body takes the Bs it needs from the food you consume each day, and you can also add vitamin supplementation. This might be especially important for maintaining healthy levels of Vitamin B12. Why? It turns out that the B12 in food is more difficult for the body to absorb properly. Finding a great B12 supplement can help fill nutrient gaps. Try our 100% delicious B12 gummy vitamins or easy-to-swallow tablets.

B Vitamins have these important benefits:

  • Cellular energy support*
  • Healthy brain function*
  • Nervous system support*

How important is Iron for women over 50?

Iron is one of those nutrients that women may need LESS of over the years. It’s important for menstruating women to get plenty of Iron (recommended 18 mg per day). However, after menopause, women need less dietary Iron (8 mg per day). That means if you’re past menopause, you may be able to get the Iron you need from food (including beef, shellfish, sardines, and fortified breakfast cereals). New Chapter® multivitamins for women 50+ are formulated without Iron because it’s likely that women are fulfilling their needs through daily diet. Check with your healthcare provider about the right levels of Iron for you!

What vitamins help support energy levels for women over 50?

To support your cellular energy levels, try getting a regular source of all eight B Vitamins for energy. The body uses B vitamins like keys to unlock fuel from the food you eat. Getting enough B Vitamins is essential for your cells to metabolize energy and power you through your day! All New Chapter multivitamin formulas are rich in B vitamins. You could also try a dedicated supplement such as Fermented Coenzyme B Complex that delivers over 100% Daily Value of all the Bs, plus includes complementary herbs like Elderberry, Turmeric, and Ginger.

What are good vitamins for women over 50 who work out?

If you get regular physical activity, good job! Regular exercise is one of the most highly recommended healthy habits and has so many benefits for body and mind. To keep your active body fueled up with the micronutrients it needs, you can  as well as Chromium and Selenium—all of these help support healthy muscle function.*

What vitamins should women over 50 take for wintertime?

With everybody indoors and school in full swing, winter months are a great time to take care of the body’s natural defense system.

  • Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant. It’s essential for the immune system to do its job. Look for Vitamin C that’s crafted for absorption, like our Immune Defense Vitamin C + Elderberry.
  • Vitamin D3 has immune benefits as well, and it’s great to take during the winter months when sunshine is scarce.

What about vitamins for other times of year?

Speaking of vitamins for women 50+ in different seasons, you may wish to change up your supplement routine to meet specific needs at specific times.

  • Spring vitamins. Refresh your energy with Vitamin B12 and “spring ahead” right down to the cellular level!
  • Summer vitamins. This super-active time of year could be a perfect time for antioxidant support from a complete multivitamin that provides Vitamin C, Vitamin E & Selenium.*
  • Fall vitamins. Get ready for back-to-school season with our nutrient-rich Women’s Advanced 40+ multivitamin. Our most comprehensive multivitamin has higher levels of essential nutrients§ and comes in 3 tablets daily for sustained nutrition.

Are there vitamins for women 50+ for all seasons?

Looking for a workhorse supplement that’s packed with nutrients and formulated for your body to really absorb day after day? That’s where New Chapter multivitamins come in. Some of our staff have been taking them for YEARS.

  • Our One Daily 55+ women’s multivitamin tablet is an awesome ally all year long, with benefits for brain, eye, bone & breast health support, stress, mood, vision & digestive support, and healthy hair, skin & nails.*
  • Prefer 100% delicious gummies instead of tablets? We’ve got you covered with 16 essential nutrients packed in our Women’s 50+ Multivitamin gummies, made with organic blue agave fiber instead of unnecessary extra sugar.** The gummies are crafted for the needs of women 50+ with higher levels of Vitamins A, E, B12, Thiamin, Niacin, Zinc, Selenium & Chromium than our regular women’s gummy vitamins.

Feel the Difference with New Chapter.

You’re brimming with experience and ready to keep living your best life. Our formulas are inspired by nature and rooted in science to provide you with the best possible wellness support. We strive to sustainably source organic ingredients from where they grow best and use techniques like fermentation and supercritical C 2 extraction to unlock their full potential. We design blends that are truly effective and test and innovate until we get it right. The result? Supplements packed with the good stuff your body needs to thrive. That's what we call wellness, well done.

† Adequate calcium throughout life, as part of a well-balanced diet, may reduce the risk of osteoporosis.

72% less sugar than leading vitamin D gummy, based on Nielsen Total US XAOC $ sales latest 52 w/e 05/21/22

§ Compared to Every Woman™'s One Daily multivitamin, Women’s Advanced 40+ has higher levels of Thiamin, Riboflavin, Vitamins B6 & B12, Biotin, Selenium, Manganese & Chromium

** Not a significant source of dietary fiber

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