Support Sustainable Fishing for Ocean Health

Support Sustainable Fishing for Ocean Health

Oceans are teeming with life, beauty, and mystery—magnificent worlds that are so different from our lives on land. The ocean is said to be Earth’s life support: we rely on it to help us regulate the climate, absorb C02, and provide the primary protein for 3 billion people around the world.

Many of us enjoy eating fish and have access to many kinds of fish at the market and when dining out. We may also choose to supplement our diets with fish oil—perfect for people who don’t love to eat fish but want its benefits.

Unfortunately, poorly managed and industrial fishing has become an environmental challenge worldwide. When fish populations are too depleted to breed, the ocean’s ecosystem is endangered, the food chain for larger marine mammals is threatened, and a critical human food source is compromised. Experts say that overfishing is one of the most significant environmental problems humans face today.

What’s the solution? Implementing sustainable fishing management practices has been scientifically shown to reestablish fishing populations around the world. This is good news for both the world’s fisheries, for fish populations, and for the future.

New Chapter goes to Alaska’s pristine waters to source naturally pure fish oil from wild Alaskan salmon. Alaskan salmon fishing is a model of global sustainability. It has been regulated by the Alaskan government for over 60 years. Salmon runs are monitored daily throughout the fishing season and ensure the fish population will continue to thrive.

Ocean friendly Wholemega™ fish oil offers a whole-food alternative to fractionated, high-heat purified fish oils. Many overfished fish oil sources—including the devastating fishing of krill, anchovies and other small fish—require high heat processing to purify and stabilize them for long-term storage and shipping.

By contrast, not one incremental fish is caught to bring you Wholemega as it is fresh pressed from the trim of restaurant-quality catch. Thus, Wholemega delivers healthy Omegas for better absorption and preserves natural antioxidants and Vitamin D3. Clinically studied to help retain healthy triglyceride levels and other heart health markers, Wholemega fish oil supports brain, eye, and joint health.*

Your choices do matter. When we all work together, we can make a difference.

Choose from Wholemega Fish Oil, Wholemega for Moms, or Omega-3 Complex.
Looking for more ways to make ocean-friendly choices? Check out 5 Ways to Be an Ocean Friendly Human.

New Chapter, a Certified B Corporation, balances planet, people, and profit every day.
Good for you, good for the ocean.

What sustainable choices are you making to support healthy oceans?

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