3 Tips for Responsible Gifting this Season

3 Tips for Responsible Gifting this Season

Making your gift lists and checking them twice? While presents are not the entire point of the holiday season, giving and receiving gifts can be pretty nice. But holidays shouldn’t be about standing in lines, spending lots of money, or trying to buy a certain number of gifts. The best presents come from the heart and maybe, just maybe, can make a difference in the world.

We looked at some easy ways to find cool gifts that are also responsibly sourced. Here are 3 catchy tips for being a happy and responsible shopper this season!

Don’t Stop B-Lieving

b-corp-logoWhen you make a point to buy from B Corps, you’re supporting companies that have publicly committed to being good for people and planet.

There are a ton of B Corps out there working hard to “B the change” and make a positive difference in the world. Certified B Corps are required to score high in key areas of business including treatment of workers, environmental impact, business transparency, and community engagement. New Chapter has been a B Corp since 2014, and we’re always working to get better and better at caring for people and planet in our products and our business decisions.

Find B Corps by checking labels, just as you’d check for Non-GMO or organic on foods. Or visit to find inspiring, socially responsible brands. B Corps range from old-school stalwarts King Arthur Flour and Patagonia to up-and-comers like Prose haircare and Red Bay Coffee. One quick B Corp gift idea is our Beauty Box holiday exclusive, a gorgeous set of New Chapter favorites that support radiant skin, hair, and nails.*

Saved by Zero (Waste)

recycle-purpleIf you agree that reducing waste is important for the health of the planet, then the holidays are a great time to try creating less waste or even zero waste. How?

Ideas include:

  • Choose gifts with recyclable or reusable packaging—or no packaging at all.
  • Use recyclable or reusable wrapping paper.
  • Wrap one gift in another (tie a shirt around a book for a 2-in-1 gift).
  • Give items with a zero-waste theme. If everybody already has a metal straw, try metal stacking lunch boxes that will hold a sandwich, a salad, and some trail mix. Or give beeswax wraps that replace plastic wrap, like Bee’s Wrap (a B Corp in our home state of Vermont).
  • Give a gift that’s not an object—an invitation to take a walk, a promised date to a museum, or a plan to trade dinners at each other’s houses.

How Will I Know… if It’s Really Local?

Things that you buy from the source—like from a local artisan, gallery, craft fair, or farmer’s market—tend to be good quality. These items are worth paying a little more for because they’ll last and hold their value. They are often handmade and one-of-a-kind, and you know that your purchase is supporting an individual or a local business.

And nothing’s more local than a gift you’ve made yourself. At the end of the day, homemade gifts are often people’s favorites. Even if they’re not perfect, the recipient knows they’re made and given with love. It doesn’t have to be fruitcake, either!

There are a ton of ideas online—here are a few:

  • Bath sugar scrub
  • Handmade bracelets or necklaces
  • Handcrafted birdhouse or birdfeeder
  • A pillowcase or throw made from beloved old T-shirts
  • Personalized coupons for game nights or doing chores
  • Homemade pie, bread, or cookies

Do you have suggestions for gifts that give back in some way?

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